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Newsphoria – What the papers say

Page 3 of the paper made me angry today. The Times’s piece on Eurovision was utter garbage. Dismissing all the 25 other finalists as novelty acts, they blamed the failure of the Hump’s boring dirge on the “blatant corruption” and … Continue reading

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If you write about Jedward, your blog gets more views

I’m going to write something about Jedward now. Somehow, they’ve got really popular. You don’t have to spend long on twitter to find that the teen girl fanbase hierarchy goes Bieber -> One Direction -> Jedward -> everyone else. I … Continue reading

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Video Killed the ESC Star

You know that episode of The Apprentice every year where Alan Sugar makes his business hopefuls create a TV advert? The one where all idea of selling a product gets thrown out the window to make way for the team … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Coping with a British Eurovision Entry

According to Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, one’s reaction to the BBC’s annual choice of Eurovision entry can be split into five distinct stages. I have certainly experienced this with the selection of Engelbert Humperdinck. On March 1st, as rumours began to circulate … Continue reading

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Let’s all laugh at San Marino

Question: How do you take the year’s most heroically bad Eurovision entry and make it worse/funnier/better? Answer: More Oh-Ohs. I really thought San Marino were going to present a whole new entry, once it was decided by EBU that Facebook … Continue reading

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National Final Review – Belgium 2012

3-2-1 go! We’re speed national finalling in Belgium here. We have 15 minutes to introduce an artist and hear two songs for Baku. I’m trying to do likewise with this review and finish it in under 15 minutes (believe it … Continue reading

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National Final Review – Sweden 2012

First, a confession. Before this year, I hadn’t seen Melodifestivalen before. I’d seen other national finals, but for one reason or another hadn’t been able to watch the Swedish one. I was aware that it is the biggest of the … Continue reading

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