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Stats Corner – 2014 Results 2010-12 Style

Poland makes stats sexy. Their travails with the Eurovision jury/televote system this year have been well publicised. In both UK and Ireland The Boob Girls feat. Donatan & Cleo topped the phone voting, but were placed bottom with the juries. This … Continue reading

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Lyrics Are My Sad – 2014 Lyric Audit

Oh Sanna. Deary deary me. There’s only one way I can start my 2014 review of Eurovision lyrics and that’s with the lyrics to Sweden’s Undo. “Undo My Sad” is entering the pantheon of all-time worst Eurovision lyrics. That lyric ruined my enjoy. … Continue reading

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The Thank You Europe National Finals Awards

So another national final season draws to a close and the best part of Eurovision 2014 is over. I’m going to have to find something to do on my Saturdays other than tweeting about Estonian claymation pig spanking and booking … Continue reading

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Seeing Through Transparency

Good news everyone! That lovely EBU have changed the Eurovision rules and given us a whole load of much-needed transparency. We all want transparency. Can’t get enough of it. From now on, we’ll know the exact number of marks each … Continue reading

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