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Return to Oz

    “A maximum of 46 Active EBU Members shall be allowed to participate (the “Participating Broadcasters”).” – Public rules of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest The EBU’s favourite non-active member is back. Australia will once again grace the Eurovision stage … Continue reading

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Why Eurovision fans should boo Russia, and why they shouldn’t

In November, Russia’s Channel One broadcast the latest in a string of theories about the fate of flight MH17, which had been shot down over Ukrainian airspace earlier in the year, killing all 298 passengers and crew. While the rest of the world … Continue reading

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Seeing Through Transparency

Good news everyone! That lovely EBU have changed the Eurovision rules and given us a whole load of much-needed transparency. We all want transparency. Can’t get enough of it. From now on, we’ll know the exact number of marks each … Continue reading

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Azerbaijani vote fraud

Lukas is standing on the street outside a bar. It’s a miserable night. Misty rain cloaks the city centre. If it wasn’t for this cigarette he’d be inside in the warm. He sees two men approach from across the road. … Continue reading

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