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Seeing Through Transparency

Good news everyone! That lovely EBU have changed the Eurovision rules and given us a whole load of much-needed transparency. We all want transparency. Can’t get enough of it. From now on, we’ll know the exact number of marks each … Continue reading

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Azerbaijani vote fraud

Lukas is standing on the street outside a bar. It’s a miserable night. Misty rain cloaks the city centre. If it wasn’t for this cigarette he’d be inside in the warm. He sees two men approach from across the road. … Continue reading

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An Apology

I make a lot of pronouncements about Eurovision on here, on twitter and just about anywhere I think people will listen. I must be really annoying to my friends. With all the snap judgements I make on ESC, I am … Continue reading

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2013 Lyric Audit

I’m a hard taskmaster when it comes to a lyric. Nothing can better ruin a Eurovision entry for me than a misplaced line of text. I’ve included a picture of Maria from 2008 at the top. For me she is … Continue reading

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Video Killed the ESC Star

You know that episode of The Apprentice every year where Alan Sugar makes his business hopefuls create a TV advert? The one where all idea of selling a product gets thrown out the window to make way for the team … Continue reading

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